This Startup Wants to Deliver Super-Fast Internet to Your Home

This Startup Wants to Deliver Super-Fast Internet to Your Home


Thousands of new companies are born every day, but they do not all promise to deliver something quite so big as the new start-up technology company, Starry. Founded by Chet Kanojia, who previously owned the company, Aereo, this new developments headquarters are based in Boston and currently have 40 engineers working hard to achieve Starry’s mammoth task that lies ahead. They are looking to deliver super-fast internet(almost 100 times faster than the average wireless connection), across the nation, into our homes and business at a lower cost than we currently pay.

This is all possible due to the technological advances that have developed over the past few years, and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon, such as Facebook, Google, and Verizon. But, Starry have beat them all to it and are expected to be the first to be used in households, putting them in a very nice position within the industry. Starry is due to be available this summer and the routers, called Starry routers, can already be purchased.When the product is launched in July, there will be no need to feed wires into each home or business as the Starry network just requires a small amount of fibre optic cable to be connected to each rooftop transmitter, keeping costs and levels of disruption to a minimum. The high-frequency radio spectrum that is used is able to transmit vast amounts of data and fast speeds that aren’t necessarily in the transmitters line of sight giving a wider area that it can service. Weather does not affect the capabilities of the transmitters either, and they will continue to work through the sun, rain or snow!

However you look at it, Starry is going to become an upcoming name in the technology industry if they can deliver what they promise, so watch this space and why not jump on the bandwagon!



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