This robot will make doing laundry a LOT easier

This robot will make doing laundry a LOT easier

Machines already wash our clothes for us, so why not let a robot fold them?

The FoldiMate has arrived to rescue us from the tedious task of folding our clothes, taking in crumpled clothes and delivering them neatly folded within seconds.



Preorders for a household version of the robot, costing between $700 and $850 (£490-£600), are set to open in 2017 with the first units expected to ship by 2018.

The three-foot-high robot can also reduce any wrinkles with an optional steam process, but it won’t replace ironing your dress shirts.

It has a row of trays which can each have a piece of clothing clipped on to and then once they’re pulled into the FoldiMate, it works out what it’s folding and a series of robot arms do the job.

Around 15-20 pieces of clothing can be handled at a time, depending on their size, but the machine can’t handle large items like linen or small items like underwear or socks.

The company states that clipping takes under 5 seconds, folding takes 10 seconds per item and de-wrinkling will be between 20-30 seconds per item.


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