Millennials Lead the Way in Augmented Reality

Millennials Lead the Way in Augmented Reality
AR technology is widely forecast as the next big computing platform. According to some estimates, the augmented and virtual reality market could hit $150 billion by 2020. Millennials are seen as comprising a significant chunk of the audience for devices such as the Oculus Rift headset.

Not surprisingly, millennials lead the way when it comes to knowledge and usage of AR, the study found. A fifth of millennials are somewhat familiar with AR and just under one fifth (18%) are extremely likely to use the technology.

However, once the technology is explained to them, there is an impressive increase in the number of people who say they will use it. The ReportLinker study found just over half of Americans (51%) say they will likely use AR.

The number of people willing to use AR might be even higher if not for a general fear of the technology. More than three quarters (77%) of Americans believe the technology may cause people to confuse the real and virtual worlds and blend the two worlds.

As for the best way to use AR, almost a third of Americans (30%) see entertainment as its best application. Home design, education and healthcare are also seen as good applications for AR.




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