Knowledge Is Capital, So Don’t Let Your Organization Waste It

Knowledge Is Capital, So Don’t Let Your Organization Waste It


There is no need to reinvent the wheel when working on professional projects. In fact, that is a really bad idea, especially if you are under pressure to finish a high-stakes deliverable, says global change manager Detlef Hold. But transferring knowledge to people who are working a new project isn’t easy. Hold has found that half of all workers tasked with a professional project have no experience actually working on that project.

This obstacle is multiplied by the reality of today’s professional environment in which workers on the same team may be spread across continents, times zones, and languages. As a solution, Hold’s team created a scalable system that transfers knowledge effectively from more experienced members of an organization to those who need the information immediately to work on a deliverable.



Detlef Hold

Detlef Hold specializes in global teamwork and leadership development, capability building and organizational development/change management in global matrix organizations. He holds a master’s degree in social and organizational psychology and post-grade certifications in organizational development, large-scale change interventions, adult learning, executive coaching and facilitation.

Over the past 25 years, he worked in many facets of adult learning, learning and development, organizational development and human resource development in local and global roles as a consultant, teacher, faculty and senior manager in the public and private sector in Europe, the U.S. and China in big corporations, small affiliates, nongovernmental organizations, public institutions and the educational sector. Currently, he drives change management and capability building for Genentech Inc. in the department of Global Regulatory Affairs and teaches at Stanford University.

A passionate learning professional, he was finalist 2014 and winner 2015 of the International Topra Awards for Regulatory professionals in the education category, the 2015 CLO Bronze Award Winner in the Global Learning Awards category and a two-time nominee for Roche Innovation Awards in Learning and Creativity.


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