25 Big Tech Predictions for 2016.

25 Big Tech Predictions for 2016.


Almost every industry has been disrupted by digital technologies over the past decade:

  • Retailers have been shifting from brick-and-mortar stores to online
  • Payment cards are moving from our wallets to our smartphones.
  • Publishers have ditched paper and are now sending content in real time.
  • Automakers have said the next five years will disrupt the industry more
    than the last 50 years have.
  • Tech giants are replacing our PCs with mobile devices.


In 2016, we predict even more disruption will occur: Facebook will battle YouTube in mobile video, Indonesia will become one of the largest smartphone markets, the Blockchain will be recognized as more than a fad, Amazon will leave its shipping partners, and oil companies will embrace IoT technology as
the price of oil continues to drop.

In this report, we provide 25 predictions across our five key verticals including Mobile, E-Commerce, Digital Media, Payments, and the Internet of Things.





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