10 Startups That Could Beat a Possible Bubble Burst

10 Startups That Could Beat a Possible Bubble Burst

While there are fewer unicorns — private companies valued at more than $1 billion — ROKO Labs thinks it’s come up with a way to identify the next mythical creatures of entrepreneurship.


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The number of new unicorns born in the fourth quarter last year declined sharply from the third quarter, from 23 to nine worldwide. As the “smart money” dries up, identifying the most promising new startups gets even more interesting.

ROKO Labs thinks it has come up with a way to predict which companies are most likely to beat a possible bubble burst. The mobile platform company used Crunchbase data to identify early-phase startups that have funding from at least three “unicorn hunter” investors, or investors known for backing startups that have grown to a private valuation of more than $1 billion.

On the list: Ascend.io, Eden, Minio, Drafted, Paribus, Cadre, StreamSets, LearnUp, WayUp and Cockroach Labs.

ROKO cofounder and president Amy Kadomatsu says the startups have proven their mettle, despite a tightening funding climate. “You see a whittling down of the number who are kind of really at the highest level of investment,” she says.

ROKO’s infographic, below, offers insight into what these startups have in common.



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